Startropics Game Guide – Information on the Story and Sub-Levels

StarTropics (STP) is an adventure video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Unlike many of Nintendo’s other games, it wasn’t originally planned or intended to be released internationally. It was originally released only in Europe and North America. It wasn’t until over thirty years later that it was released in Japan by Sega.

The main protagonist in StarTropics was a boy named Jack who happens to live in an underwater city on the planet Bala. Every day, the inhabitants of this city go down to the bottom of the ocean and play the sport of volleyball.

There are three levels in the game. The first level is known as the starting level and the other two stages are known as the sub-levels. Each level in the game contains three sub-levels, each of which consists of ten levels. Each level in the game consists of one task or challenge for your character, such as beating the level without dying or earning a certain amount of points or medals.

The story of Star Tropics takes place in twenty-four days’ time. On the first day, Jack receives a call from his friend. He goes down to the bottom of the ocean to find a strange letter and a fish that seem to be dying.

Once he gets back to the town, Jack is arrested for suspicion of murder. He is then forced to spend the next twenty days in jail. The first day of his incarceration will be broken up into two different segments. The first segment will feature him talking with an associate called Dora who wants to use Jack’s help in locating the truth about her sister’s murder. The second segment will feature Jack and Dora on the ocean floor looking for information about their case.

In the second segment, you will notice Jack and Dora swimming to a location where a whale lives in the waters. There, they meet a woman named Kato who can give them information about the mystery surrounding their case.

You will also notice that when you look for clues, there are three places where Kato can be found. and she is always at least partially submerged.

Sub-levels in the game consist of a single task or challenge. If you do the task or challenge correctly, you can earn an award from the lady and move on to the next sub-level. At the end of the segment, you are rewarded with money that you can use to purchase a wide variety of items that increase your skills and abilities throughout the rest of the game.

When you are in the first sub-levels, you will need to complete one task before moving on to the next. The first task is to locate the fish in a bucket that can give you enough clues to put you on the right track.

Once you do find the fish, you will need to return it to the man who owns it. He will then reward you with a trophy.

When you move onto the second sub-level, you will need to play the first task again. in order to collect all the letters that were left behind.

In this final sub-level, you need to locate the hidden letter before completing it. You will need to use your letters in order to find the letters hidden on the walls and underneath objects in the environment. You must also look for hints and clues on the walls.

When you complete each segment in the game, you earn a different type of awards based upon the difficulty of the challenge that was just completed. These awards include coins, points, badges, money, and more.

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