Kingdom Hearts III – Who Is Terra?

Kingdom Hearts III is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed and released by Square Enix for both the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One. It’s the eleventh installment in the widely popular Kingdom Hearts franchise and as such, is the final entry of the dark Seeker storyline. The game will feature all of the main characters from the previous titles, but as previously noted, it’s also expected to introduce new characters, as well. If you haven’t played before, you should play through at least one of these games in order to get a feel for what’s to come.

This past game in the series was a huge hit for Square Enix. The story revolved around the boy who would eventually become known as Donald Duck. Donald and his friend and rival Goofy were the main characters, and their quest to find the missing three gems that are needed to gain entry into the Disney Castle in Mickey’s house. The game ended up being highly successful, especially considering how many people play the role of Donald and Goofy.

The story line revolves around young Riku, who goes on a quest to save the worlds from darkness and to find the truth about his past. Riku comes across several magical beings along the way, including the mystical Organization XIII, as well as his arch enemy, DiZ. Along the way, you also battle the Heartless, creatures that have been corrupted and have begun to attack innocent creatures, as well as stealing the hearts of those they can. The Heartless can appear anywhere, so players should prepare themselves for more than just one encounter.

King Echevarria is back, though this time he’s attempting to take over the Organization and has his own group of Heartless, called Heartless Angels. However, he’s currently fighting against the Organization, which is led by Donald and his friends. The story takes place in four major locations across the world, each with its own unique story. The story involves two time periods: one set in ancient times, another during a period that is very close to present times, where the world was in a state of great turmoil.

Young Makara, a small kingdom located in the Middle East, is seen in this title, along with its large city of Luxendarc. and its surrounding countryside. As the title suggests, Luxendarc is also an island; however, this one is located on the Gulf of Sibolas, near the eastern tip of the Caribbean. The land is mostly covered with a desert and has a central volcano that emits an intense heat. This makes it perfect for farming, as well as providing the environment with enough moisture, which helps in raising crops and livestock.

An island called Xion is also visited by Riku, during a section of the game where he goes to find out more about the Organization. Here he finds out that a new Keyblade wielder was sealed in a tower with the ability to control people with his powers; and when he goes to Xion, he also learns more about DiZ.

A mysterious castle that serves as an important part of this game is situated on Mount Axel, where Riku and his friends meet the Organization’s newest recruit, Terra. He’s a member of the Organization’s top-secret Black Knights, and is an ally to Riku.

The game’s plot is expected to take place after the events of Kingdom Hearts II, but it’s not confirmed at the moment. The last game takes place in a time when Terra was leading the world’s Resistance, while Riku was in his dark ages and searching for answers about himself and the Keyblade. This time, however, Riku is looking for something else: a Keyblade Master who can complete his quest. Terra, however, has already been taken by the Organization, so he is unable to join the Organization, nor is he aware of the events that took place.

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