If you’re a fan of cyberpunk fiction, you’ve probably heard of cyberpunk games, which is also known as cyberpunk adventure games. These are designed for the kind of person who enjoys spending their time in the virtual world. They involve a lot of role-playing, and they can have some veryRead More →

Adventure games are the most preferred type of games for gaming consoles especially for hardcore gamers. Most of the games are designed with adventure theme, which usually involve different types of genres and subgenres such as horror, science fiction, action, and fantasy. The adventure genre is very popular among theRead More →

For the past few years, the Final Fantasy series has been producing some of the most engaging, original and well-designed adventure games around. With each release of a game, Square Enix has produced a masterpiece that’s both intriguing and exciting to play. As such, it’s no wonder that fans haveRead More →

Twin Mirror is a fantastic new adventure game that challenges players to explore a mysterious world with a unique story and a gripping mystery. In this video game, you play as Lucy, a young woman from 18th century England who is trying to earn money in order to support herRead More →

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales comes from Insomniac Games, a studio formed by the creators of Dance Revolution, and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for both the PS3 and PlayStation 4. The game features an original story set after the events of the comics, and will feature a new protagonist forRead More →

Adventure games have been around for a long time, ever since the birth of the computer. Games that were first published on computers were called adventure games, and they were not very popular in comparison to adventure games that were developed for consoles or other kinds of gaming systems. ButRead More →