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The Secret Of Monkey Island Game

The Secret of Monkey Island (aka. Monkey Island: Origin) is a point and click graphic adventure video game developed and produced by Lucasfilm Games, and published in 1990 by Sega for the PC and Sega CD. The game takes place on an

An Overview of ActRaiser

When we hear the words ActRaiser, we instantly imagine a simple form of marketing where volunteers take part in an interactive internet-based experience. There are several benefits to this type of online marketing tool. Online

The Last of Us Part 2 Game Review

The Last of Us is an upcoming video game, developed by Naughty Dog, and released by Sony interactive entertainment for the PS4. A game that was once considered a big risk by publishers, The Last of Us has proven to be a hit in the gaming

Cyberpunk 2077

If you're a fan of cyberpunk fiction, you've probably heard of cyberpunk games, which is also known as cyberpunk adventure games. These are designed for the kind of person who enjoys spending their time in the virtual world. They

A Review of Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror is a fantastic new adventure game that challenges players to explore a mysterious world with a unique story and a gripping mystery. In this video game, you play as Lucy, a young woman from 18th century England who is trying